Characteristics of an Effective Educator

It takes a plethora of different specific characteristics and skills combined to create an effective educator. There are so many different attributes that have to be put together to form a consistent well rounded teacher. I hope to become that kind of teacher one day. Four specific characteristics that I have found to be the most important from my own experience are enthusiasm, patience, kindness, and respect. Beginning with the enthusiasm, to be a good educator you have to be excited about what you are teaching. If you aren’t excited about it, than your students won’t be either. Patience is another characteristic that you must have to succeed at this profession. Learning has its own time schedule for each individual, and a lot of the time students are not going to understand things the first time around. Thus meaning that as a teacher you need to be patient with students as they take their own learning journey. Thirdly I believe that kindness is key. Proving a kind atmosphere in the classroom promotes a positive learning experience. Everyone wants to have the nice teacher. Lastly and most importantly, I believe that an educator has to be respectful. Teachers are role models for their students and if and educator provides respect to their students, students will respect them in return.

Along with those characteristics educators also have to have a certain skill set up their sleeves. Most of these skills have to do with classroom management and ability to differentiate to appeal to different learning styles. Classroom management is very important because as a teacher there is only one of you and 30 of your students so keeping the classroom in check, but also creating an exciting learning environment for students. The key is to find the happy medium. Differentiation skills are also a huge aspect to being an effective teacher. My biggest learning philosophy is that every child can learn. it is educators jobs to find the ways in which every student can achieve their learning goal.


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