Introduction to Teaching Evaluation

Over the course of this Summer I had the opportunity to take Introduction to Teaching. This class focused on the many different aspects of the world of education. The information ranged from the history of education to the details and specifics of certification. Our class journeyed through the information as a group and provided ample opportunity for group work and collaboration. I believe that this class was able to exemplify the program standard of 8.1

8.1 Example of Proficient –¬†Relationships with colleagues are characterized by mutual support and cooperation

To me this means that when given opportunities for interaction all individuals acted as team players as well as a support system. The reasoning for this standard is in hopes to create an environment that is supportive and caring. In addition to creating a place in which people want to be, this standard also gives students great examples of what it looks like to be in a cooperative group setting. This class utilized this standard because of the collaborative group work that we participated in. Whether it was in person or over different media sources, we were asked to share, interact, and act as a support system for one and another. . You can see here that we were involved in several group discussions during the quarter these are examples of some of my own entries and you can see that there are comments under each one.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.41.09 AMScreen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.39.38 AM

This is an example of 8.1 because to get the grades we wanted we had to each participate and give our group members something to build off of. This opportunity of group discussion became really cool as we entered into our face-to-face classroom sessions because the people we had been working with over discussion boards soon came to life, and became not only my colleagues but my friends. I learned a ton from this group work and have learned that it is ok to be the first to initiate a conversation or to bring up questions. These are both great ways to create some really great conversation. I also learned that when given group activities it is so crucial to have the expectation of full group involvement be communicated in the beginning of the discussion, as well as laying other ground rules.

This skill of building supportive work relationships is going to prove to be very important in my future as an educator and is also something that I would also love to implement in my classroom. As an educator I will be working with a team, and for a teaching team to succeed support must be given by every member. From a students perspective I found that hearing from others opened my eyes to topics that I would have never thought about otherwise. I would love to have weekly discussion groups and provide a space where students feel like their ideas are being supported and heard by their peers. This will give students a foundation in standard 8.1, and will be able to use later in their lives. A specific change that I would make would be to not have these discussions online because of the grade level I am going to be teaching. A specific change I would like to make within my own acts of colleague collaborative work would to be able to be that first person to bring up a topic. My goals achieve this entail writing down my questions before hand, as well as getting to know my colleagues a little better on a personal level. These relationships will show my colleagues that I do care about their opinions and hold their information to be important.


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