Content Knowledge

Elementary Math Methods: Course Reflection

4.0 Content Knowledge – The teacher uses content area knowledge, learning standards, appropriate pedagogy and resources to design and deliver curricula and instruction to impact student learning. To me standard 4.0 means that teachers use their given curriculum plus enrich with supplemental findings, to create engaging and effective instruction for their students.

Over the course of my internship and the course of this class I have learned about the importance of teaching to an objective and assessing that students are learning the skills and strategies. My classmates and I had the opportunity to create and assessment to help us decipher if we have been using our curriculum effectively. In my classroom we are using the envision math curriculum. In addition to direct insttuction we also enrich with different math stations everyday. I created this assessment to test if students had mastered the concept of place values.

When I created the assessment I looked back to the lesson objectives for the place value lessons. I was consistent in my wording repeating the language that we had learned in the lessons, and also gave opportunity for evidence of in depth learning by having students answer through picture, numberic, and written expalantions. The results would ultimately show the impact that the curricula and my teaching had on my students learning.

After I made my assessment I gave it to twenty-five of my first graders. Twelve got one hundred precent, nine missed one, three missed two, and one student missed four. This showed me that most of my students had mastered the content. As those who weren’t quite there yet, I was able to pull a small group and do a reteaching of the conent. This gave gave all students the resources they needed to succeed. I learned that when creating an assessment you have to look at the curriculum and the resources that students have been given and the assessment will help determine if they are indeed effective. In terms of student learning, it was easy for me to tell that all my students left the topic with understanding and a sense of success. Whether students acheived mastery before, during, or even after the assessment in reteaching, all of my students showed that they effectivly learned.

Next time around, I would like to also give a student voice section at the end of the test, or even at the end of each lesson. This would give me more evidence of how students were feeling as they were learning the material, not just number evidence. I think that this added student voice would allow for larger growth in my practice from a pedagogical perspective and would also help my students grow as learners through reflection.


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