Instructional Research

Program Standard #2 on instruction states: The teacher uses research-based instructional practices to meet the needs of all students. To me this standard simply states that teachers need to continue learning to allow for their students to learn alongside them. This is saying that the most effective teachers use, borrow, and steal from the greatest educators who have shared their resources help other teachers meet the instructional needs of their students.

This quarter in Content Methods we had the opportunity to read Teach like a Champion 2.0: 62 Techniques that put students on the path to College. This was a resource that gives countless teaching strategies that have proven to be effective in the classroom. As a class we read through the book, from there it was up to us how we would like to use our information. Personally I saw that I was able to reflect on the strategies I already use, try new strategies acquired, and ask questions about what would work or why something may cause issues in a class.

Annotated Notes Chapter 2 and 3annotated Notes chapter 4Annotated notes chapter 8annotated notes chapter 12Annotated Notes- Chapter 6 & 7chapter 10 and 11

I think this opportunity had a huge impact on my growth in standard 2 because of all of the information I have gained, and because of the reflection that I have acquired through process. As you can see that as a class we have dove into this book. I have put in the time and effort to identify why the practices I have used have been effective and why I would like to try some of the other techniques used.

By doing this research and using the annotated note taking strategy, I do not only have written reflections of my own techniques that I have used, but I have an on going to do list of strategies that I need to try to implement. Above all else I have vastly expanded my instructional toolkit. This evidence of growth is now ongoing, as I have been checking off what works for my students and what has proven to be ineffective. I also have learned that some classes respond differently to different strategies and many classes will not be the same. This taught me that I might need to file these away and reach out for more resources to continue to grow my own education as a teacher.

Over the course of this process of research, I have learned that I still have so much to learn, not only from books but from peers as well. During our book clubs and lectures I have found such importance in the I can learn from the people around me. This is not demeaning what I have learned from a text, but having others to discuss and decipher strategies learned that come from a text has proven to be very important. I also would like to continue to do research in this manner of recording, trying what I’ve learned in the classroom, and then further reflection because it pushes me to continue to take risks as a teacher by trying new things.


Lemov, D. (2015). Teach Like a Champion 2.0: 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College. an Francisco: Jossey-Bass.



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