Professional Community

Standard 8.1 states: Participating in a Professional Community

Relationships with colleagues are characterized by mutual support and cooperation. To me this standard means not only being kind and respectful to your colleagues but also putting in the effort to contribute to your staff and school. This means not only through a teachers work in the classroom, but their work within a building in general. This year I was provided with the opportunity to work with Meridian Park’s PBIS team. This experience not only immersed me within the staff very quickly, but also put me in a team setting where I could make meaning collegially relationships. During one of the meetings this year I was assigned to head the compliment card project. This was a way for teachers to give students and other teacher’s special recognition of something that they appreciated from that person. I was able to collaborate with our family advocate to determine what our purpose for these cards would be as well as implementation.

cheetah Compliments

I believe that this is evidence of emerging competence in this area because I was able to participate in a small professional team, create a material to help create a positive work atmosphere, as well as share it out to the greater staff. I believe that from my work in PBIS this year I have learned how important these break off groups are for a school community and how beneficial it is to actually participate in them. I have been able to make relationships with staff from different grade bands as well as collaborate with many paras and the special education staff. In terms of my own students learning I believe that because I was a part of PBIS team I was always able to implement our schools management techniques and be on of the first to try or implement new and exciting ideas. This helped my students continue to grow within the classroom as they followed school wide expectations and behavior policies.

My next steps to continue to better myself within this standard would be to make sure that I am on a PBIS, BLT, or other kind of school wide committee where staff comes together to collaborate and try to better their community and their student’s experiences.



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