ISTE Standard 4- Critical Thinking, Project Management, and Research

This weeks standard was standard four which stated, “Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.” To me this standard says that students have the ability to use technology to begin a project, research a project, and to present a project. Within the research of a project students will use critical thinking to work through information as well as use the technological tools to help gain knowledge in the most efficient way possible. I think that this is an important skill to learn because students should be able to use the appropriate tools to begin a project or improve upon an academic skill.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.25.05 PM

This led me to my question of brainstorming. For my question this week, I wanted to find different ways that students could brainstorm when beginning a creative project. I think that this kind of graphic design could help students spur their imagination and something visual to work off of. Even if the picture or video that started a brainstorm was the same for the whole class I think it could give a beneficial start. The resource that I found to accompany this idea was the I think that the resource would organize student’s information better than a paper version, as well as it could be very personalized and get students excited about the project they are about to approach.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.19.36 AM.png

In hopes to find my answer, I read Douglas Kiang’s article, “). 3 ways coding and gaming can enhance learning .” In his article he talked about how his students use graphic design and graphic coding to help students create using interactive fiction. Mr. Kiang states, “The stumbling block for most students who are trying to write their adventure game is finding or creating graphics. But for my high school students who are writing interactive fiction using a programming language called Inform 7, the “graphics” are their text descriptions. It is a meaningful demonstration of the power of words.” In his classroom he solely uses graphics to tell the stories or tell the story of the game. If this were my classroom I think that I would stem from that and try to pair it with some sort of writing. I think that the graphic creation could be a great jumping off point to dive into a story. This article didn’t really help me with my question specifically, but I did see the creative and critical thinking benefits that come from this type of project.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.20.53 AM

As I continued on to try to find a resource I found the resource of This is an online resource that helps build brainstorm webs for students. I found that this could be beneficial because a teacher could have students personalize their webs as they critically think about how their project is going to be presented. They need to ask themselves how many ideas are they going to share and how many details do they need about each of these ideas. From there using students can build an organizer that will start their project off right. I think that this would be beneficial to students because they would have an organizational outline that they can manipulate to fit their own brainstorm. I think this will help with critical thinking because it forces them to think about project layout and it helps with project management because students have a jumping off point as well as a guiding structure containing information.




Class Article: Kiang, D. (2014). 3 ways coding and gaming can enhance learning. Edutopia. Retrieved from


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