Professional Growth

Standard 8.2 states, “Growing and Developing Professionally- Teacher welcomes feedback from colleagues when made by supervisors or when opportunities arise through professional collaboration.” To me this standard says that a teacher is never done growing within their profession, and should welcome all opportunities for feedback. For a teacher to flourish it is crucial that they continue to reflect on their own teaching and find what does and doesn’t make them an effective teacher. To me reflection based on collaborative feedback is in the job description.

I had the opportunity to take EDU 6134 this fall and was able to learn what collaborative feedback looks like in the world of teaching. During the class we had multiple opportunities do find different organizations that could help us grow as teachers. After research we responded as to what organizations we thought would help us grow the most as teachers. This is a table that shows my thoughts on what I thought would help me to continue to grow professionally and what kind of groups I would like to collaborate with.

Professional Organizations Webquest

This research document shows that I have been introduced to some of the ways that I could grow professionally. It also shows what kind of development that interesting in pursuing. I have so much room  to grow within this standard, but I feel as though this class has given me a solid introduction to the standard. I have learned that professional growth doesn’t have to just occur within the school that you are working with. Previously I thought that the only collaborative work that a teacher could participate in was between their principal and fellow teachers at their school. Now, I don’t want to diminish the importance of that whatsovever, but rather highlight that I now know there are also many different opportunities to reach for outside of your home school

In the future I would love to actually join one of these organizations and go to some of the workshops so I can continue to build my teaching toolkit. These opportunities will not only help me as a teacher but will also help my students because I will be able to gain  the knowledge on how to differentiate and meet each students unique needs.I am a firm believer in the saying two heads are better than one, and it is such a blessing that I am entering a profession that thinks the same way.




Learners In Context Meta Reflection

While enrolled in EDU 6132 we had the opportunity to work on multiple group projects. These projects gave us the ability to collaborate, critique, and connect with our colleagues. I believe that my greatest take aways from this class spurred from my group project work and have really opened my eyes to what can be accomplished when people work together. The program standard that I believe fits this kind of take away would be 8.2.

8.2 Growing and Developing Professionally: Teacher welcomes feedback from colleagues when made by supervisors or when opportunities arise through professional collaboration.

To me this standard means to welcome critique and collaboration in all that you do, in hopes to improve what was already great making it even better! Within this class we had the opportunity to complete the Theory to Practice Project, which entailed groups to gather all of the information that we had learned within the class and put it into presentation form. There were multiple phases to this project. Each phase would have us complete it by ourselves. and then join in group collaboration to create a final for the phase. This is an example of one of these phases with my individual work alongside our final.

Sydney’s Phase 3

Group Page Phase3

As you can see the final project is much different from what I had done individually, and without a doubt is much improved. This evidence shows that when minds are put together great things can come from it. From this experience I have found that if each member of a team is heard, as well as open to others ideas, something amazing can achieved. This is a copy of what we created for our project!

Password: P@ssw0rd

When I entered into this class and I saw that there were going to be multiple group projects, I was hesitant to agree that this tactic would enhance my individual learning; but boy was I wrong. Through this project I not only learned so much from the minds of Pressley, McCormick, and Medina, but have also learned so much from my team. Group work may take a little longer and may also require a little bit more patience, but the final product reveals its ultimate pay off. When teaching I would love to give my students the opportunity for group work. I want students to see the benefits that it can have on their learning. I believe that students should not only practice this form of learning, but also understand why group work is so important. In the future one thing that I will have definitely do in my classroom is make sure that all groups members are actively participating. Participation was not a problem in my group but when talking to others in the class some were frustrated with lack of communication. So in hopes to change this before starting group work I will put great importance on communication and equal share.